Top rated Pillow Cleaning in Boise, ID

Dust mites and bacteria can get inside your bed pillows and complicate your best efforts to stay virus free. But don’t despair, let Clothesline Cleaners make your pillows look, smell and feel brand new again!

Imagine not cleaning your pillow case since you bought your pillow.
GROSS, right?! Studies have shown that up to 16 different species of fungi  live inside pillows. That’s why the experts say your pillows should be thoroughly cleaned at least 3-4 times a year even if you are using a pillow protector. 

Are your pillows turning yellow? Yellowing on pillows is frequently caused by perspiration. This discoloration can be removed though with a professional pillow cleaning.

Professional Pillow Cleaning

Give your flu shot a boost – Sleep on a Clean Pillow


We took 7 limp pillows and re-made them into 4 plump and luxurious pillows, like new!