Join our PureClean basic laundry subscription and remove laundry from your to-do list!

We’ll give you time back in your day and professionally clean your laundry too.

PureClean Pricing Table

PureClean How It Works


  • Customers can opt into the PureClean, Clothesline Cleaners Everyday Laundry Service with the choice of one, two or four bags per month. Bag size options include 35 or 50 pound sizes.
  • All PureClean Bags include an inner-mesh bag that customers can fill with items they’d like to upgrade to standard cleaning.
  • A PureClean subscription includes basic laundry cleaning for all items placed in the PureClean duffel bag.
  • Free pickup and delivery is included for all PureClean subscription customers.
  • Any PureClean bags not used during a month’s time will be rolled over to the next month. Unlimited rollover bags!
  • PureClean customers will be auto-charged on the same date each month as their subscription start date. Customers can schedule their PureClean laundry services on the website or drop off bags at their convenience. They have complete autonomy on when their allotted monthly bags are serviced. For example, a customer who opts in for four bags per month could service all four bags in one week, or spread them out to one bag a week over a month. Additional bags beyond the subscribed number are available and will be charged separately.
  • Store Credit is exclusively available to be used as credit for items that receive standard cleaning. For customers who elect to have items washed with standard cleaning, the amount of their store credit will be applied as a deduction from their standard cleaning charge each month.
  • Any items that require stain-treatment, delicate washing, dry cleaning and/or specialized treatment of any kind are upgraded to a standard cleaning fee. These items should be placed in the mesh bag inside of the PureClean duffel.

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